Dissemination conference for LH2 safety learnings of FCH JU project PRESLHY

The PRESLHY consortium is pleased to invite you to the conference concluding PRESLHY project on pre-normative research for safe use of liquid hydrogen. Speakers from PRESLHY consortium and beyond will present the results of the pre-normative research performed for the safe use of liquid hydrogen.

The conference will be held online on 5-6 May 2021 and the program shown below may be downloaded here. Further details like the program is provided on the PRESLHY website www.preslhy.eu.

After registration on https://forms.gle/QpUXQX4qouhXFbwf7 you will receive the dial-in information and updates related to this unique event.

The maximum number of attendees is limited and applications for participation will be considered on a first come first served basis.

Organiser’s contacts – please contact for any assistance:

  • Prof Thomas Jordan, E: thomas.jordan@kit.edu, P: +4972160826105
  • Dr Donatella Cirrone, E: d.cirrone@ulster.ac.uk, P: +442890368283

ICHS goes to Scotland.

In September 2021 the hydrogen safety community is invited to Edinburgh to present the state-of-the-art, new developments, regulatory and normative aspects and practical implications with regard to hydrogen safety. Edinburgh and Scotland provide an absolutely committed background for this important milestone in the further rolling out of the new carbon-free energy technologies.

More details will come soon on this website.

Hydrogen Safety – PgCPD from HySAFER centre (Ulster University)

Since 2018 Ulster University runs successfully two distance learning modules: “Principles of Hydrogen Safety” and “Hydrogen Safety Technologies”.

If you are interested to obtain Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Development (Hydrogen Safety), promote your knowledge and underpin emerging hydrogen safety culture, you are very welcome to our course. We would be grateful if you could forward this information to those who might be interested in gaining the beyond the-state-of-the-art knowledge in hydrogen safety science and engineering, and receive PgCPD award from the Ulster University (UK).

Links for more information and registration:
Course 1: Principles of Hydrogen Safety 

Course 2: Hydrogen safety technologies

Contact person in relation to the programme or specific details


ICHS continues its success story in Adelaide, South Australia

The International Conference on Hydrogen Safety 2019 takes actually place in Adelaide South Australia. Around 300 participants from 22 countries are currently attending the ICHS, following 120 presentations on the latest scientific results and developments. Contributions from experts, scientists, engineers but also from politicians, accentuate the increasing demand and importance of hydrogen technology, the further development and general safety aspects.

Attendees to the ICHS 2019 gather together for the group photo
Exhibitors at ICHS demonstrate the technological maturity of hydrogen vehicles in the automotive sector (Courtesy of TOYOTA)
Exhibition of the complete refuelling system demonstrated practically by TOYOTA (courtesy of Toyota)

Hydrogen safety – liquid hydrogen workshop

The workshop is a joint initiative from HYSAFE and the two projects PRESLHY and SH2IFT, focussing on hydrogen safety, with special emphasis on liquid hydrogen.

Increasing interest in hydrogen in general and more specifically in large volumes has led to a growing need of the understanding of LH2 and related safety aspects of handling and use. Results and plans of the two projects will be presented, and additional invited expert speakers and key stake holders will join.

Organisers and contacts

Anders Ødegård – email: anders.odegard(at)sintef.no
Trygve Skjold – email: trygve.skjold(at)gexcon.com
Thomas Jordan – email: thomas.jordan(at)kit.edu

For more information about the three projects, please visit the home pages:

IPHE RCS Working Group and HySafe signed Memorandum of Understanding

The IPHE RCS Working Group and HySafe intend to collaborate on hydrogen safety, regulations codes and standards and awareness via common workshops, information exchange and further common actions like benchmarks and projects coordination. To this end a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed.

The first successful measure under this agreement was the common organisation of a workshop dedicated to the quite sensitive issue of “Tunnel Safety of Hydrogen Vehicles and Transport”. The workshop was held in the morning of September 18 in Buxtom, UK in advance to the LH2 workshop the PRESLHY project (www.preslhy.eu).

The related presentations will be published soon.

New HySafe president sees association in an important phase

Buxton (England), September 21st – The annual General Meeting of the HySafe members was held on September 21st in Buxton (Derbyshire, England) at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This assembly was the conclusion of a busy week of meetings of very general kind, but all of them having to do with hydrogen safety.

Outgoing HySafe president Thomas Jordan presenting his report

One agenda item was the election of a new HySafe president and a new chair of the PR and Dissemination committee. Before this outgoing president Thomas Jordan gave his report on the activities of the year since the last General Assembly. He highlighted that the ICHS 2017 was a success, both scientifically and financially. Now the challenge is to prepare ICHS 2019 such that the success is repeated.

The assembly approved the report of the activities of board and discharged both the president and the outgoing PR and Dissemination chairman Ulrich Schmidtchen.

General Assembly voting

Stuart Hawksworth from HSE’s Centre for Energy was elected new president of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety. He said that it is a great time to be president, as hydrogen development is now in an important phase and starting to realise its true potential for a number of applications in the energy system and transport. He acknowledged that the work of the Hysafe community has significantly contributed to these developments so far, and moving forward he is certain it will make an even greater contribution to ensure that future development occurs smoothly and safely.

Thomas Jordan (left) and Stuart Hawksworth

Olaf Jaedicke from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology was elected as new PR and Dissemination chairman.

Busy week for HySafe members and partners

A whole week full of meetings and discussions keeps HySafe busy between September 17 and 21 on the premises of the Health and Safety Executive near Buxton (Derbyshire, UK).

It started with a preparatory meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety which will be held next year in Adelaide (Australia); see the separate post on this.

Tuesday morning (September 18) was devoted to a joint session of HySafe and the IPHE on the safety of the use of hydrogen vehicles or hydrogen transport on tunnels.

HySafe president Thomas Jordan presenting the state of the art on hydrogen in tunnels

While there are no problems in some countries, this is not so everywhere. In some cases (like the USA) the rules are not even uniform but depend on the state or local authorities. There is still some work ahead, but not so much on the technical side.

During the afternoon a meeting of the PRESLHY project took place; HySafe is a partner in this project which deals with the safety of liquid hydrogen.

Group picture of the PRESLHY meeting participants

While liquid hydrogen is handled safety in large amounts in the industry there are still open questions which merit more research. One of them is the behaviour of solid oxygen in liquid hydrogen. It is known that this mixture may react detonatively, but experimental research on this is rare, and this is a topic on which we need to know more.

Where we know already a lot and where we need to find out more was the topic of the Research Priorities Workshop (RPW) held on September 19 and 20. This biannual event is held by HySafe to discuss the strong and weak points and what to do next.

Participants of the Research Priorities Workshop

The General Assembly of the HySafe members will be held in September 21st. Elections of board members will be part of the program.

HySafe prepares ICHS 2019

The next International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS) will be held from September 24 to 26 2019 in Adelaide, South Australia. Preparations are of course under way since months ago.

On September 17, 2018 the Scientific Committee of the conference held a meeting in Buxton (Derbyshire, England) at the Health and Safety Executive to review the state of things and to prepare further steps.

The balance of the conference held im Hamburg last year was presented and approved. Details of the conference venue, the program structure, the schedule for the preparations and other things were discussed.

We look forward to meeting you “downunder” in September 2019!

Jules Verne Award for HySafe Honorary Member Andrei Tchouvelev

Our past president and honorary member Andrei Tchouvelev has been awarded the IAHE Jules Verne Award during the WHEC 2018.

Awarding Ceremony IAHE Price

Dear Andrei, we all hope that your unique and outstanding “hydrogen career” goes on. Congratulations to Andrei in behalf of the whole HySafe network!