Oral & Poster Instructions


Your paper will be presented in a technical session four or five papers, 100 to 120 minutes long.

You will have 15 minutes to present your paper and 5 minutes for questions. The session room will be equipped with a computer projection system and a pointer.


  • Computers will be PCs with Microsoft XP operating system WINDOWS 7 and will run the following software: Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 X Power Point 2007 2010 in the latest version available on the 31st of July.
  • Please include the reference number of your paper in the title of your presentation file (if you have forgotten the paper reference number, please find it in the program).
  • Electronic presentations can be stored on CD-Rom or on Flash Pen USB 2.0 and should be delivered to the reception desk as soon as possible and at least 2 hours before the  beginning of the session. At the reception desk, you will be taken to the preview room where your presentation will be loaded on the projection system and checked.
  • Please make sure you bring a back-up copy of your presentation on a separate storage system (CD-Rom or USB).


Poster will be displayed in the hall on the 2nd FLOOR of the Conference Centre throughout the conference, where some blue panels will be available for you.

Additionally, a Poster Session is scheduled on Monday the 9th (first day of the conference) from 5:20 to 7:00 pm. Authors are requested to be present during the Poster Session.

Posters are an important way of conveying technical information and are equally important as oral presentation. Authors have a unique opportunity of close contact with both a general cross-section of attendees and with specialists in their particular field. In addition, all co-authors have an opportunity to participate in the presentation.


  • A booth blue panel for each poster will be provided, consisting of a wooden tack board 0.9 m wide by 2 m high. As well as material to stick the posters on it. A card with the reference number of the paper will be placed on each booth.
    Please place your poster on the appropriate panelbooth.
  • Posters should be provided in maximum A0 format (dimensions: 84 cm width and 119 cm height).
  • The top 0.10 m of the poster should include the paper number, author's names, affiliation and the poster title.
  • Poster should be printed, preferentially on light-cardboard or heavy-paper sheets of suitable size.
  • Suitable material to fix posters on the tack blue board will be provided.
  • A support for handouts will be provided too, so authors are encouraged to bring hard copies of their articles and visit cards in sufficient number.
  • Authors are responsible for mounting their posters (before the conference starts or during coffee break on the 1st day, and removing them (after the closing session).