Themes and Topics

Regulations Codes and Standard (RCS)

  • Pre-normative research (needs, approaches, incorporation of QRA)
  • Post normative experience (case studies)
  • Comparison/compatibility with other fuels

Safety in H2 infrastructure

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Storage
  • Use

Safety solutions and implementation of H2 technologies

  • Deploying technologies (market opportunities, case studies, early market experience)
  • Education, training, lessons learned and best practices

Hydrogen and hydrogen blends behavior

  • Release, dispersion
  • Ignition and auto-ignition
  • Combustion: deflagration, detonation, transitional effects

Physical effects , consequence analysis

  • Thermal, overpressure, missile effects
  • General human and environmental effects

Incidents, accidents and near misses

Hydrogen effects on materials and components

  • Embrittlement
  • Permeation/blistering

Safety of energy storage

  • H2 solid-storage materials
  • High pressure, liquid and cryogenic tanks
  • Batteries

Risk management

  • Mitigation (active, passive, sensors, safety distances)
  • Risk assessment (cost-benefit analysis, safety perception, acceptance and harm criteria, uncertainties, decision making)
  • Risk-informed safety engineering
  • Insurance experience and perspectives

Fuel cells related safety issues

  • Safety of different  Hydrogen Storage
  • Risk Assessment of the FC Systems
  • Safety of material used in FC Technologies
  • Normative or Prenormative of FC Systems