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ICHS 2023 was very successful!


More than 130 final papers received for ICHS2023 ....
Next edition will be held in Korea in 2025. See you soon!


To facilitate the international coordination, development and dissemination of hydrogen safety knowledge by being the focal point for hydrogen safety research, education and training.

Our vision

Hydrogen will be introduced as a safe and sustainable energy carrier.


The objectives of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety HySafe are to: – Promote cost effective, coordinated research in the field of hydrogen safety,– Create and maintain a forum for communication between stakeholders,– Facilitate the...

Welcome to the International Association for Hydrogen Safety “HySafe”

The association is the focal point for all hydrogen safety related issues. It has been founded as an international nonprofit institution by the European Commission co-funded network of excellence.

The association facilitates the networking for the further development and dissemination of knowledge and for the coordination of research activities in the field of hydrogen safety. So it supports cost effective hydrogen safety research, enables innovative technologies and engineering, and provides education and training on a professional level.

Based on its leading position in hydrogen safety research and development, HySafe determines the state-of-the-art in hydrogen safety and continuously develops further the associated strategic research agenda.

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