This building in Brussels houses the official seat of HySafe

Address of the legal seat of HySafe:

Rue du Trône 98
1050 Brussels


HySafe Secretary: Dr. Frank Markert
Telephone +45 4525 4546
Email: fram(at)

Media contact: Olaf Jedicke
Telephone: +49 (721) 6082 5274
Email: olaf.jedicke(at)


2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. We are trying to reach you through email, need forms filled for you to be paid for membership fee.
    Getting error messages (not authorized to relay messages through the server that reported this error). Could someone let me know the best way to email forms?
    Thank you

    Denise Staplins

  2. Dear Denise,

    the best way to manage the transfer is to get in contact with our treasurer Inaki Azkarate directly via email (inaki.azkarate’at’

    Hope this helps
    Thomas Jordan

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