Themes and Topics

Behavior of Gaseous and Liquid Hydrogen and hydrogen mixtures
• Release, dispersion
• Ignition and auto-ignition
• Combustion: fire, deflagration, detonation, transitional effects.


Physical effects, consequence analysis
• Thermal, overpressure, missile effects
• Effects on humans and environments
• Incidents, accidents and near misses


Hydrogen effects on materials and components
• Embrittlement
• Permeation/blistering.


Risk/safety management
• Hazard identification and analysis
• Risk assessment (cost-benefit analysis, safety perception, acceptance and harm criteria, uncertainties, decision making, human factor)
• Risk-informed safety engineering
• Prevention and Mitigation (active, passive, sensors, safety distances)
• Insurance
• Safety solutions and implementation of H2 technologies
• “Outside-the-box” safety


Regulations Codes and Standard (RCS)
• Pre-normative research (needs, approaches, incorporation of QRA)
• Post normative experience (case studies)
• Comparison/compatibility with other fuels
• Sensors


Education, training, lessons learned and best practices
• First responders training
• Databases


Safety in H2 infrastructure
• Production
• Distribution and transport (pipelines, gaseous and liquid)
• Storage
• Handling and Use of H2 Infrastructure


H2 fueling stations deployment experience
• Safe design
• Indoor/outdoor fueling
• Permitting
• Public acceptance
• Mitigation practices
• Co-location with other fueling options

• Mixed / blended H2 fueling stations and vehicles

Fuel cells and electrolysers related safety issues
• Risk Assessment
• Safety of material
• Normative or Pre-normative


Safety in H2 vehicle /station interface and safety in H2 vehicles
• On-board storage
• Vehicle operation in tunnels and garages
• Public acceptance
• Material handling and operations in warehouses


H2 Safety aspects in other applications/industries/technologies
• Chemical plants
• Oil refinery
• Space-aircrafts – unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)
• Nuclear
• Maritime applications e.g., boats, submarines
• Mining industry
• Semiconductor/electronic industries, electrical generators, neutron beams and other fundamental experiments
• Other applications


Safety of energy storage
• H2 solid-storage materials
• Grid scale storage
• Power-to-gas / power-to-hydrogen