2nd day of International Conference on Hydrogen Safety

Hamburg, 12. September 2017 – Among the highlights of the second day of the 7th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety there was a panel about how to make hydrogen safe and (above all) let people know about it.

HySafe does a lot of work to this end on a global basis. Every other year international experts meet for a Research Priorities Workshop. The last was held last year in the Netherlands. Jay Keller, HySafe Board member, presented the results as they are now and anncounced that the final report will be available in the near future.

Jay Keller (right) during his presentation with session chairman Andrei Tchouvelev, HySafe honorary president

Safety is not just a matter of technics. Building public acceptance also requires a lot of psychology. Experts from this field gave their opinions how to proceed to make hydrogen as trustworthy for the general public as elevators.

HySafe president Thomas Jordan (second from right) and Andrei Tchouvelev (left) during a podium discussion with Paul Upham, Leuphana University Lüneburg (second from left) and Christian Büscher, KIT (right)  on risk perception and public acceptance