RPW 2016, Agenda and Presentations

Agenda and Presentations of the
Research Priorities Workshop on Hydrogen Safety 2016

Petten, The Netherlands

The following agenda includes links to the presentations, which were given either by the chair as an overview on the Topics 3 to 9 or by the panelists. For the latter case the links associated with the panelist name.

At the very end of this page you find the collection of all presentations for a direct download.

FIRST DAY – 26 September 2016

  1. Opening and welcome – Jay Keller & Pietro Moretto
  1. Industrial programs – Marc Steen (EC-JRC)
    a) H2FIRST (US)
    b) HySUT (Japan)
    c) Hydrogen Europe (EU)
    d) GTR no.13

Speakers and contributors: Mirela Atanasiu (FCH), Tetsufumi Ikeda (HySUT), Nha Nguyen (DOT), Chris San Marchi (SNL)


  1. Integrated computational tools – Andrei Tchouvelev (AVT)
    a) Quantitative risk assessment (QRA)
    b) Alternative risk assessment via dynamic modelling
    c) Consequence modelling tools

Participants and contributors: Katrina Groth (SNL), Dmitriy Makarov (UU), Frank Markert (DTU), Thomas Jordan (KIT)


  1. Accident Physics – Gas phase – Jay Keller (ZCES)
    a) Venting
    b) Ignition (Accidental Ignition)
    c) Non-premixed combustion
    d) Premixed combustion

Participants and contributors: Katrina Groth (SNL), Ethan Hecht (SNL), Dmitriy Makarov (UU), Chris San Marchi (SNL), Trygve Skjold (Gexcon)

  1. Accident Physics – Liquid / cryogenic behavior – Phil Hooker (HSL)
    a) Cryogenic Plume behavior
    b) LH2 release aspects

Participants and contributors: Ethan Echt (SNL), Jennifer Wen (UW), Simon Jallais (Air Liquide)


SECOND DAY – 26 September 2016

  1. Applications – Thomas Jordan (KIT)
    a) HFS
    b) FCV
    c) Power-to-hydrogen
    d) Aeronautics / Aerospace

Participants and contributors: Wolfram Fleck (Daimler), Frank Graf (DVGW), Gerhard Krühsel (DLR), Pratap Sathiah (Shell), Benno Weinberger (INERIS)


  1. Storage – Hervé Barthélémy (Air Liquide)
    a) High pressure vehicle tanks
    b) Cryo-compressed

Participants and contributors: Jan Kunberger (BMW), Jinyang Zheng (Zhejiang University)


  1. Materials – Iñaki Azkarate (Tecnalia)
    a) Materials compatibility (metals)
    b) Materials compatibility (polymers)

Participants and contributors: Beatriz Acosta Iborra (EC-JRC), Chris San Marchi (SNL), Mathilde Weber (Air Liquide), Laurent Briottet (CEA)


  1. General Aspects of Safety – Frank Markert (DTU)
    a) Human behavior
    b) Training
    c) Mitigation including sensor

Participants and contributors: Bill Buttner (NREL), Nick Barilo (PNNL), Frank Markert (DTU), Franck Verbecke (AREVA), Eveline Weidner (EC-JRC)