RPW 2022, Québec City

The HySafe standing research committee holds a by invitation only Research Priorities Workshop (RPW) every even year. The 2022 edition was held in Quebec City, Quebec on November 21 – 23, 2022.

The HySafe membership was invited to address the pre‐normative research that they are conducting. Speakers at the meeting were asked to discuss their research topics, their perspectives on the present state of the art, where their research is going 5 years into the future, and where their research needs to be 10 years into the future. Presented in the report are the extended abstracts provided by the attendees. At the end of the meeting, participants were asked to prioritize the topics and subtopics.

These data clearly show the level of importance for the different categories addressed here in this workshop. Accident physics of liquid / cryogenic behavior is on top followed closely by Mitigation Sensors, Hazards prevention and Risk. A sharp drop in the priority for Integrated Tools probably represents the fact that many such tools currently exist for use by the industry. While there is still much to be understood about hydrogen effects on materials, the group ranked that about in the middle with a score of 5.5. Accident physics for the Gas Phase ranked pretty low. This is a topic that the pre-normative effort has been spending significant effort on over the past many years. This ranking clearly shows that the topic is reasonably well understood. Applications followed by storage and General Aspects of Safety make up the bottom three levels.
This workshop was excellent in bring out the gaps and directions the research community feels are important.