Hydrogen Safety – PgCPD from HySAFER centre (Ulster University)

Since 2018 Ulster University runs successfully two distance learning modules: “Principles of Hydrogen Safety” and “Hydrogen Safety Technologies”.

If you are interested to obtain Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Development (Hydrogen Safety), promote your knowledge and underpin emerging hydrogen safety culture, you are very welcome to our course. We would be grateful if you could forward this information to those who might be interested in gaining the beyond the-state-of-the-art knowledge in hydrogen safety science and engineering, and receive PgCPD award from the Ulster University (UK).

Links for more information and registration:
Course 1: Principles of Hydrogen Safety 

Course 2: Hydrogen safety technologies

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ICHS continues its success story in Adelaide, South Australia

The International Conference on Hydrogen Safety 2019 takes actually place in Adelaide South Australia. Around 300 participants from 22 countries are currently attending the ICHS, following 120 presentations on the latest scientific results and developments. Contributions from experts, scientists, engineers but also from politicians, accentuate the increasing demand and importance of hydrogen technology, the further development and general safety aspects.

Attendees to the ICHS 2019 gather together for the group photo
Exhibitors at ICHS demonstrate the technological maturity of hydrogen vehicles in the automotive sector (Courtesy of TOYOTA)
Exhibition of the complete refuelling system demonstrated practically by TOYOTA (courtesy of Toyota)

Hydrogen safety – liquid hydrogen workshop

The workshop is a joint initiative from HYSAFE and the two projects PRESLHY and SH2IFT, focussing on hydrogen safety, with special emphasis on liquid hydrogen.

Increasing interest in hydrogen in general and more specifically in large volumes has led to a growing need of the understanding of LH2 and related safety aspects of handling and use. Results and plans of the two projects will be presented, and additional invited expert speakers and key stake holders will join.

Organisers and contacts

Anders Ødegård – email: anders.odegard(at)sintef.no
Trygve Skjold – email: trygve.skjold(at)gexcon.com
Thomas Jordan – email: thomas.jordan(at)kit.edu

For more information about the three projects, please visit the home pages: