Save the date for ICHS 8!

The 8th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS 8) will be held from 24.-26. September 2019 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

More information will be published in due time.

O. k., please do not complain that you have not been warned. The project to have the next ICHS in Australia was clearly announced at the closure of ICHS 7 last year in Hamburg. You missed this? Then make sure that you will not miss the next ICHS as well!

Hysafe finalizes preparations for ICHS2017

During a meeting in Tirrenia (near Pisa, Italy) on May 29 and 30 the Scientific and the Organzing Committee of the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS) made the final preparations concerning the program of the next conference to be held im September in Hamburg.

The last decisions were made which papers to accept and how to put them into plenary or parallel meetings or poster sessions so that a reasonable program comes out. This is by no means an easy task, but with joint forces it could be done.

It takes a lot of thinking to arrange everything well

The results will be published soon.

On y va! HySafe president Thomas Jordan gives details on the organization of the conference

Other points around the conference like accomodation etc. were clarified as well.

The meeting of the conference committees was followed by one of the HySafe board on May 31 during which the financial situation and the plans of HySafe for the rest of the year (other than ICHS) were discussed.

HySafe treasurer Iñaki Azkarate explains the financial status of HySafe

HySafe prepares ICHS 2017

Members of the Board of HySafe and of the Organizing and the Scientific Committee of ICHS 7 (to be held next year in Hamburg) met on April 29 in Hamburg to bring the preparations another step forward. They had a look at the facilities offered by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and discussed what would have to be done by when and budget matters.

Scientific and Organzing Committee of ICHS 2017 meeting in Hamburg
Scientific and Organzing Committee of ICHS 2017 meeting in Hamburg

They found that the Chamber of Commerce supports the event very generously, which is much appreciated.

Hall of Commerce of the Chamber of Commerce
Hall of Commerce of the Chamber of Commerce

As you can see, a few places are already taken. Stay tuned to register not too late!

HySafe makes good PR for ICHS in Hannover

The 21st group exhibit “Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries” was held from April 13 to 17 as part of the Hannover Fair. The group exhibit is one of the most important commercial events for this field in the world.

150 exhibitors from 24 countries were present. One of them was HySafe. The International Conference on Hydrogen Safety will be held this year, and the Hannover Fair is always a good forum to direct visitors’ attention to this event. HySafe board members A. Tchouvelev, Th. Jordan and U. Schmidtchen jointly did their best.

Hannover 1
HySafe president A. Tchouvelev interested fair visitors for the ICHS

But also apart from this the group exhibit is an excellent opportunity for the association to make contacts to other players from the field, as fas as still necessary, and to alert the public to hydrogen safety matters.

Public presentation during the Technical Forum

Forum presentations for the public were used two times to demonstrate the state of hydrogen safety and what HySafe contributes to it. Have a look at them here:

A. Tchouvelev’s presentation on Addressing new technical safety challenges in developing alternative fuels infrastructure

A. Tchouvelev and Th. Jordan, president and vice president of HySafe, in a podium discussion on Public acceptance of hydrogen technologies and applications

Press Release: HySafe General Assembly sets an ambitious plan for the future

HySafe, the international association for hydrogen safety, held its annual General Assembly on September 15 in San Francisco (California, USA). It gave the vote of confidence to the Executive Board by re-electing all four core Board members without votes against them:

  • Andrei Tchouvelev (Canada), president
  • Thomas Jordan (Germany), vice president
  • Iñaki Azkarate (Spain), treasurer
  • Benno Weinberger (France), secretary.

The chairpersons of the four permanent committees of the board were not up for re-election; their term ends at the General Assembly next year. They are:

  • Hervé Barthélémy (France), industry relations
  • Marco Carcassi (Italy), International Conference on Hydrogen Safety
  • Alexei Kotchourko (Germany), research
  • Ulrich Schmidtchen (Germany), PR and dissemination.
HySafe Board
The Board of HySafe

HySafe president Andrei Tchouvelev thanked the members for their trust in the Executive Board and announced a rather ambitious program of activities for the time to come. One key activity is the preparation of the next International Conference on Hydrogen Safety to be held in Brussels in September 2013. Another is the publication of a series of hydrogen safety issues of the International Journal on Hydrogen Energy with a goal of developing a scientific journal devoted to hydrogen safety together with the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE). HySafe will also be represented at important events like the Hannover Fair in April 2012 and the World Hydrogen Energy Conference in June 2012 in Toronto, and will organize and co-host a number of workshops on various aspects of hydrogen safety, including in collaboration with the IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement Task 31.

Representatives of the US Department of Energy and of the European Commission who were present as guests emphasized a great value in having an international organisation that devotes itself entirely to this important area critical to commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


About HySafe

HySafe is the global focal point for all hydrogen safety related issues. Founded in 2009, it is an association under Belgian Law with seat in Brussels. Its purpose is to promote the safe use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. The association facilitates the networking for the further development and dissemination of knowledge and for the coordination of research activities in the field of hydrogen safety. So it supports cost effective hydrogen safety research, enables innovative technologies and engineering, and provides education and training on a professional level. Based on its leading position in hydrogen safety research and development, HySafe determines the state-of-the-art in hydrogen safety and continuously develops further the associated strategic research agenda.


Media contact:

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