Presentations of the FCH JU 2010 Stakeholders General Assembly available

November 9th and 10th the yearly Stakeholder General Assembly took place in Brussels. This year the meeting took place in an office building a little bit out of the EC district. It was well attended, even by non-European players.

Not really surprising was, that only one presentation (this of Mac Steen JRC) was dedicated to the cross-cutting items, which were grouped with early market. The meeting was used by other related groups, like IPHE, research grouping, and industry grouping for combined meetings. 

On you find all presentations. I could not find minutes which reflected comments made by Joaquin Martin-Bermejo of the EC. The comments were quite interesting as they somehow were balanced regarding pros and cons of the JU results so far.

Conference: 3rd FCH JU Stakeholders General Assembly 9-10 November 2010

Conference: 3rd FCH JU Stakeholders General Assembly]

The Stakeholders General Assembly is an annual event aimed at informing all interested parties about the activities of the FCH JU and acquiring feedback for future planning of the programme. It is also a key platform for European and global stakeholders across sectors to come together to examine and assess the current position of this emerging industry, exchange ideas on next steps and make contact. It is planned this year 9-10 November 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. The Joint Undertaking website is ready for registration.

Enero Workshop on Energy Risks

The workshop recently organised in Brussels was dedicated to the safety of renewable energy. Two presentations concentrated on hydrogen, see The first given by C. Proust from INERIS showed some interesting results of experiments with type 4 vessels. The other presentation given by T. Jordan KIT showed the results and services of the HySafe network.

Report on the Networks’ of Excellence effectiveness presented on 14th of October

Mr Schmidtchen found an interesting report of the European Court of Auditors on the effectiveness of NoE’s (and IP’s) under FP6. See and the recommendation 2 including the EC answer at the end.

Joint undertaking implicitely safe?

Regarding the EC activities there is (surprisingly?) not a word on safety on the next FCH JU General Assembly 26/27 October 2009  in Brussels; see
Besides there is the research grouping assembly on Wednesday 28th October 2009. Let’s make sure HySafe is duly represented!