FCH JU 2.0 Calls

As mentioned at our last general assembly a small sub-team of the executive board submitted a proposal referring to a topic of the 2015 call of the EC joint undertaking. However, the proposal “BestPractHyS”, which was designed to collect best practice and use of standards in designing, building, installing, permitting and operating stationary hydrogen systems (focussing on refueling stations and power-to-gas installations) was not supported.

Now, the open 2016 call provides again a similar topic: FCH-04-2-2016:Identification of legal-administrative barriers for the installation and operation of key FCH technologies. Members of the executive board try to bring into play HySafe in associated proposal preparations. However, HySafe won’t lead this proposal. Anyhow, if you have a strong interest to represent HySafe and provide critical knowledge for this potential project, let us know by contacting Thomas Jordan. However, keep in mind that safety is not an explicit element in this topic and safety is not highlighted in any part of the 2016 call.