General Assembly of HySafe re-elects board

The annual general assembly of the members of HySafe was held today in Brussels. The most important decision was the re-election of the present executive committee of the board, comprising A. Tchouvelev (president), T. Jordan (vice-president), B. Weinberger (secretary), and I. Azkarate (treasurer).

Re-elected: president Andrei Tchouvelev
Apart from this the assembly heard the report about the activities of last year and about the budget. Both were approved. So were the plans for next year.
Also re-elected: treasurer Inaki Azkarate
The assembly was especially delighted to hear that the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety had achieved its objectives both in financial terms and also considering the quality and quantity of scientific papers. The excellent cooperation with the European Commission and its authorities, which is a characteristic feature of this year’s conference, will be continued.