Hydrogen is Healthy!!!

You consider hydrogen being an dangerous substance? In the contrary, hydrogen is potentially very healthy. Just do a internet search (e.g. on Scholar Google) for “hydrogen as therapeutic medical gas” and you will find a steadily increasing number of scientific publications showing positive effects of molecular hydrogen on treating many deseases.

So you find “Hydrogen Water”, “Hydrogenated Water” and even “Hydrogen Pills”, which claim to provide you extra molecular hydrogen dissoveld in water at ppm level.

Maybe this helps improving further the public image of hydrogen. HySafe does not guarantee that these products will be good for your health or your wealth.

One thought on “Hydrogen is Healthy!!!”

  1. That’s right! H2 because of it’ selective antioxidant characteristic is doing wonders to our human body. Recently lots of peer reviewed journals claims the benefits of H2 for health & beauty. It’s really a potential market in the Asia currently with countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc leading it’s way for more research and inventions of suitable products.

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