Hydrogen Safety Panel and LH2 PNR announced in European FCH JU 2.0 Annual Working Program

On 17th of January 2017 the European FCH JU 2.0 has published the Annual Working Program 2017 containing several highly interesting and important call topics. Most relevant with regard to safety are the following two:

  • with “FCH-04-4-2017: PNR for a safe use of liquid hydrogen” a topic dedicated to pre-normative safety research has been issued. Liquid hydrogen has been ranked high in the previous Research Priorities Workshops and our partner Sandia has recently increased their activities in the field of cryogenic hydrogen. KIT intends to develop a proposal with involvement of HySafe partners and possibly HySafe itself (depending on the following);
  • slightly hidden in the  “Conditions of the Call” Chapter D in the work program the establishment of a European Hydrogen Safety Panel has been announced. In the respective text HySafe has been referred to several times. So there is hope that HySafe might be involved in this crucial activity. Anyway, we will support this panel in any regard.

Finally, it looks like that the seeds of the NoE and our steady efforts with regard to the above issues come up.