HyRAM V1.0 released by Sandia

HyRAM V1.0  (Hydrogen Risk Assessment Models), a software toolkit to assess the safety of hydrogen fueling and storage infrastructure, is now available at http://hyram.sandia.gov. HyRAM integrates models, methods and data used to inform fire codes to create a common platform for assessing hydrogen safety. HyRAM makes this information accessible to the hydrogen safety community to quantify accident scenarios, predict physical effects, and characterize the impact of hydrogen hazards on humans and structures. Official press release here: https://share.sandia.gov/news/resources/news_releases/sandias-hydrogen-risk-assessment-models-toolkit-now-available/.

HyRAM can be downloaded for free after acceptance of the license terms on the website. HyRAM is designed for Windows platforms. After users install HyRAM, they must also request a free product registration key for each system; instructions are provided when you first open HyRAM.

Katrina Groth will introduce the toolkit during a webinar April 26. Register at http://energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/webinars.