HySafe becomes active partner in global standardization

Since February 28, 2013 HySafe is an official partner (type A liaison) of the Technical Committee No. 197 “Hydrogen Technologies” of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). This was decided during the TC’s plenary meeting which was held in Montréal (Québec, Canada).

ISO TC 197 is generally acknowledged as the leading entity in the world to develop consensus-based international standard documents for hydrogen technologies. A number of standards both for mobile and stationary applications have been published, more are in the making, and a number of new topics have been proposed during the recent plenary meeting.

While quite a number of persons associated with HySafe are already active in the TC and its workings groups anyway, they are doing so as representatives of their national standardization bodies. Now HySafe has the possibility to directly and independently participate in the work of the TC including commenting on draft documents and being involved in the work of individual working groups.

HySafe is very honoured to be accepted as an official liaison partner by a body like this and takes this as a challenge to fulfill its mission at this level.