HySafe General Assembly elects new Committee chairs

HySafe president Andrei Tchouvelev, standing, opens the annual assembly
This year’s General Assembly of HySafe was held on November 13 in Washington (D. C., USA). Apart from discussing about the objectives of the association and how to achieve them and the budget a few changes in the composition of the board were made. Hervé Barthélémy and Alexei Kotchourko were no longer available as heads of the industry relations and the research committee, respectively. The meeting expressed great appreciation for the work both had done during their terms.

Members' representatives listening attentively

Akiteru Maruta (Technova, Japan) is new head of the committee responsible for industry relations. He is also the right person to promote the contacts to interested parties in Asia, where hydrogen technology plays an increasingly important role.

"Those who are in favour, please ..." - the candidates found general approval

Jay O. Keller (Zero Carbon Energy Solutions, Oakland, California, USA) was elected new head of the research committee. Mr. Keller is also Consultant to the US DOE and Senior Technical Specialist at FCHEA and active in the global standardization in ISO TC 197 “Hydrogen Technologies”.

Committee chairmen (from left to right): A. Maruta (industry, new), M. Carcassi (conference, confirmed), J. Keller (research, new), U. Schmidtchen (PR, confirmed)