HySafe safety workshop held in Sevilla

In order to celebrate the new start of the EHEC (European Hydrogen Energy Conference) in Sevilla from March 12 to 14 properly in its own way HySafe held a safety workshop there on March 11. Speakers from Spain, France, and Germany discussed general and specific safety matters associated with the use of hydrogen as energy carrier.

What happens if hydrogen cars catch fire in a tunnel? Thomas Jordan, Vice President of HySafe, explains

The participants appreciated the event, and HySafe hopes that it serves to support the development of hydrogen energy in Spain.

2 thoughts on “HySafe safety workshop held in Sevilla”

  1. I agree with the point on quantoken that hredogyn fuels are *less* efficient than fossil fuels simply because energy is still required from conventional power sources to produce hredogyn. Hydrogen has plenty of hidden costs in terms of logistics and imperfections in transmission efficiency, etc. Hence the hredogyn initiative, using today’s technology, merely shifts the burden of pollution away from consumers who commute in their cars to the big bad power industry who stoke the power plants with coal and oil.

  2. Obviously you do not have the faintest idea how much energy was necessary to generate the fossil fuels. Hydrogen can be produced in very ecological ways, like from excess wind power. Try this with oil.

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