ICHS participants invited to Japan for 2015

The 5th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS) was closed today in Brussels after three successful days.

Mark Steen (EU JRC), local organizer for this conference, Aki Maruta, organizer for 2015, Marco Carcassi, scientific head of the conference, and Andrei Tchouvelev, HySafe president, obviously pleased with the conference
The more than 200 participants, who had been offered almost 100 submitted papers plus plenary presentations, apparently had the same feeling. On the morning of the last day the activities were put into a historical perspective in a plenary session. Speakers from China, Japan, EU, California, and the USA made clear how enormous the progress is which has been made – and that there is still a long way to go.
Much work ahead - in Japan and elsewhere
During the closing session the participants and all other interested parties were invited to Japan for the 6th ICHS 2015. Details about location and date will be announced shortly, as promised by Aki Maruta from Technova, representative of the local organizers.
Let's view Mount Fuji, and maybe do a few other things, in 2015!
Andrei Tchouvelev, HySafe president, and Marco Carcassi, responsible for the scientific content of the event, promised that the 2015 conference would be even better than the one in Brussels. An ambitious goal, after this year’s success. But let us wait and see. We look forward to meeting you in Japan in 2015.