Safely starting the hydrogen economy

From 16th to 18th of September more than 200 world leading experts for hydrogen safety and interested stakeholders meet in Ajaccio (Palais des Congres), Corsica, France. For the third time the worldwide unique International Conference for Hydrogen Safety ICHS is organised by the International Association for Hydrogen Safety – HySafe, for the first time in cooperation with the International Energy Agency IEA. All aspects from basic science to insurance of technologies will help the demonstrations currently kicked-off worldwide, the Joint Technology Initiative for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen of Europe for example.

Logo of the ICHS conference
Logo of the ICHS conference

With a considerable financial support the Corse government demonstrates its interest in modern and distributed energy technologies and the related scientific efforts.

The international commitment to introduce hydrogen as an energy carrier is underpinned by several events organised in conjunction with this conference: an ISO and an IEA HIA Task 19 expert group meeting, the summer school for hydrogen safety with more than 80 students, the EC project NATURALHY final meeting and the IA HySafe general assembly. As in the previous conferences 2005 in Pisa, Italy, and 2007 in San Sebastian, Spain, the International Partnership for Hydrogen Economy IPHE integrated its workshop on regulations and standards at this event.

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