Special Issue of the Int Joural H2 Energy with content from the 2nd ICHS

I’m happy to forward the received mail related the previous ICHS2 conference:

Dear Dr. Marco Carcassi

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of “2nd International Conferecne on Hydrogen Safety” special issue for International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. The issue is now available electronically on ScienceDirect at the following link.
The Table of Contents has also been attached for your convenience. You are welcome to forward it along to all interested parties.  After the paper issue has been printed, you will receive five complimentary copies of this special issue directly from our distribution center. At this time, if you have any comments about the manuscript submission and review process, your experience with EES, or your overall interaction with Elsevier in preparing this special issue, we would be very interested in hearing your feedback.

Marco Carcassi