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Monday, September 23, 2019

Welcome Remarks
Nick Smith and Stuart Hawksworth

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Skyway A

Political Plenary
Stuart Hawksworth

Welcome Remarks
Stuart Hawksworth, President IA HySafe and Nick Smith, South Australian Government, Department for Energy and Mining

Opening Remarks
Hon Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia

Dr. Alan Finkel, Chief Scientist of Australia

Bart Biebuyck, FCH JU (Presentation)

United States
Laura Hill, US Department of Energy (Presentation)

Shigeru (Sam) Muraki, Green Ammonia Consortia (Presentation)

Thorsten Herbert, NOW (Presentation)

Hydrogen Council
Dr. Soonil Jeon, Hyundai Motor Corporation (Presentation)

Safety of Infrastructure

ID154, Near-term location of hydrogen refueling stations in Yokohama city from the perspective of safety
Masaaki Fuse, Nobuaki Kawanishi, Hiroki Noguchi, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID203, Thermal radiation properties of large hydrogen leaks from gas distribution networks
Daniel Allason, Lorraine Jenney, Ann Halford, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID227, Hydrogen-fueled car fire spread to adjacent vehicles in car parks
Frank Markert, Luisa Giuliani (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID212, 3D quantitative risk assessment on a hydrogen refuelling station in Shangai
Yang Liang, Xiangmin Pan, Cunman Zhang, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID218, Impact of mechanical ventilation on build-up and concentration distribution inside a 1-m3 enclosure considering hydrogen energy applications conditions of use. Experiments and modelling.
Deborah Houssin-Agbomson, Elena Vyazmina (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID236, Risk assessment and ventilation modeling for hydrogen vehicle repair garages
Brian Ehrhart, Shaun Harris, Myra Blaylock, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID270, Hydrogen explosion hazards limitation in battery rooms with different ventilation systems
Dorota Brzezinska (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID117, Development of risk mitigation guidance for sensor placement inside mechanically ventilated enclosures – Phase 1
Andrei V. Tchouvelev, William Buttner, Daniele Melideo, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID241, Impact assessments on people and buildings for hydrogen pipeline explosions
Paola Russo, Alessandra De Marco, Fulvio Parisi (Presentation) – (Paper)

IPHE Session on Safety in Tunnels and in Mining

ID109 Hydrogen ventilation test facility or underground mining and tunneling
Dmitri Bessarabov, Gerhard Human, Faan Oelofse, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID168, Inhibition of confined hydrogen explosion by inert gases
Yanchao Li, Mingshu Bi, Jingjie Ren, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID187, Numerical simulation of homogenous/inhomogeneous hydrogen-air explosion in a rectangular channel
Qiao Wang, Changjian Wang (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID169, Analysis of transient hydrogen release, dispersion and explosion in a tunnel with fuel cell vehicles using All-Speed CFD Code GASFLOW-MPI
Yabing Li, Jianjun Xiao, Han Zhang, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID110, Testing, evaluation and development of hydrogen sensors for an underground mining ventilation test facility
Gerhard Human, Neels Le Roux, Faan Oelofse, (Presentation) – (Paper)


H2 Effects on Materials

ID104, Safety criteria for the transport of hydrogen in permanently mounted composite pressure vessels
Georg Mair, Bin Wang, Herbert Saul (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID217, Hydrogen storage – Recent improvements and industrial perspectives
Herve Barthelemy, Marie Vidovic, Mathilde Weber, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID103, Determination of distribution function used in Monte Carlo simulation on safety analysis of hydrogen vessels
Bin Wang, Georg Mair, Stephan Gesell (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID206, Nanotechnology enabled hydrogen gas sensing
Paul Atkin, Hanie Hashtroudi, Lan Mackinnon, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID144, Effect of microstructural and environmental variables on ductility of austenitic stainless steels
Chris San Marchi, Joseph A. Ronevich, Julian Sabisch, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID201, The dependence of fatigue crack growth on hydrogen in warm-rolled 316 austenitic stainless steel
Zhitao Wu, Chengshuang Zhou, Yuanjian Hong, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID280, H-Mat hydrogen compatiblity of polymers and elastomers
Kevin Simmons, Wenbin Kuang, Nalini Menon, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID129, Materials aspects associated with the addition of up to 20 mol% hydrogen into an existing natural gas distribution network
Keith Birkitt, Marrianne Loomorrey, Adam Bannister, Stuart Hawksworth, Kate Jeffrey, Keith Owen Kowen (Presentation) – (Paper)

Pressure Effects – Modeling and Experiments

ID163, Numerical modelling of unconfined and confined hydrogen explosion
Pratap Sathiah, Arun K Ampi (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID173, Numerical assessment of hydrogen explosion consequences in mine tunnel
Yurii Skob, Mykhaylo Ugryumov, Eduard Granovskiy (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID275, New paradigms in hydrogen explosion modelling using an industrial CFD code
Prankul Middha, Steve Howell, Simon Feven (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID113, Detailed examination of deformations induced by internal hydrogen explosions: Part 1 Experiments
Etienne Studer, Sergey Koudriakov, Benjamin Cariteau, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID114, Detailed examination of deformations induced by internal hydrogen explosions: Part 2 Models
Ossama Halim, Etienne Studer, Sergey Koudriakov, (Presentation) – (Paper)


Release and Mixing of Cryogenic Hydrogen

ID174, Choked two-phase flow with account of discharge line effects
Alexandros Venetsanos (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID132, Dispersion of cryogenic hydrogen through high-aspect ratio nozzles
Bikram Roy Chowdhury, Ethan Hecht (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID121, Numerical prediction of cryogenic hydrogen vertical jets
Stella G. Giannissi, Alexandros G. Venetsanos, Ethan S. Hecht (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID191, Cryogenic hydrogen jets: flammable envelope size and hazard distances for jet fire
Donatella Cirrone, Dmitriy Makarov, Vladimir Molkov (Presentation) – (Paper)

Physical Effects 1

ID112, Experimental study on accumulation of helium released into a semi-confined enclosure without ventilation
Zhe (Rita) Liang, Aidan McKenna, Tony Clouhier, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID105, Validation of Two-Layer model for underexpanded hydrogen jets
Xuefang Li, Bikram Roy Chowdhury, Qian He, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID160, Ignition of H2-NO2/N2O4 mixtures under volumetric expansion conditions
Remy Mevel, Yizhuo He, Yu-Cheng Liu (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID216, Experimental study of light gas dispersion in a channel
Dag Bjerketvedt, Knut Vaagsaether, Osama M.Ibrahim (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID136, Experimental investigation of unconfined spherical and cylindrical flame propagation in hydrogen-air mixtures
Joachim Grune, Karsten Sempert, Mike Kuznetsov, (Presentation) – (Paper)

Deflagrations & Detonation 1

ID135, Evaluation of an improved vented deflagration CFD model against nine experimental cases
Ilias C. Tolias, Alexandros G. Venetsanos, Mike Kuznetsov (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID193, Flame propagation near the limiting conditions in a thin layer geometry
Fernando Veiga-Lopez, Mike Kuznetsov, Jorge Yanez, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID164, Homogeneous and inhomogeneous hydrogen deflagrations in 25 m3 enclosure
Martino Schiavetti, Marco Carcassi (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID165, Inhomogeneous hydrogen deflagrations in the presence of obstacles in 25 m3 enclosure. Experimental results
Martino Schiavetti, Marco Carcassi (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID197, Simulating vented hydrogen deflagrations: improved modelling in the CFD tool Flacs-Hydrogen
Melodia Lucas Perez, Gordon Atanga, Hisken Helene, (Presentation) – (Paper)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Skyway A

Safety Plenary
Chair Andrei Tchouvelev and Marco Carcassi

ISO TC 197
Andrei Tchouvelev (Presentation)

Center for Hydrogen Safety
Nick Barilo (Presentation)

HySafe outcome of the Research Priorities Workshop
Jay Keller (Presentation)

RCS relating to Distribution and Transmission Networks
Ian McCluskey and Keith Owen (Presentation)

Tunnels and Confined Spaces
Chris LaFleur (Presentation)

Hydrogen technologies: experiences in rescue and prevention of Italian Fire Corps
Marco Cavriani (Presentation)

Regulations, Codes and Standards

ID150, Comparison of regulations codes and standards for hydrogen refueling stations in Japan and France
Kento Taneda, Simon Jallais, Elena Vyazmina (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID215, Closing the regulatory gaps and advancing hydrogen infrastructure deployment in Australia
Billy Chan (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID245, Compliance measurements of fuel cell electric vehicle exhaust
William Buttner, Aaron Loselle-Lapointe, Tashi Wischmeyer (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID281, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles UN Global Technical Regulation No. 13: Latest Updates Reflecting Heavy Duty Vehicles
Nha Nguyen, Livio Gambone (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID228, Challenges in hydrogen RCS’ stakeholder engagement in South Africa
Brian North, Henrietta Langmi, Ashton Swartbooi (Presentation) – (Paper)

Communication 1

ID205, European Hydrogen Safety Panel (EHSP)
Inaki Azkarate, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID210, Hydrogen for renewable energy export: broadening the concept of hydrogen safety
Daniel Roberts, Christopher Munnings, Jenny Hayward, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID116, HIAD 2.0 – Hydrogen Incident and Accident Database,
Daniele Melideo, Pietro Moretto, Jennifer Wen (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID224, Cautiously optimistic: understanding the Australian public’s response to the Hydrogen opportunity
Peta Ashworth, Victoria Lambert (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID239, HyP SA – Our safety story
Andrew Pym, Kristin Raman, Mark Beach (Presentation) – (Paper)


Liquid Hydrogen

ID172, Prediction of pressure reduction rate in 30 m3 liquid hydrogen tank based on experimental and numerical analysis
Kazuma Tani, Takehiro Himeno, Yasunori Sakuma, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID240, Hydrogen wide area monitoring of LH2 releases,
William Buttner, Jonathan Hall, Philip Hooker, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID137, Status of the pre-normative research project PRESLHY for the safe use of LH2
Thomas Jordan, Simon Jallais, Alexandros Venetsanos, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID133, Characteristic of cryogenic hydrogen flames from high-aspect ratio nozzles
Ethan Hecht, Bikram Roy Chowdhury (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID175, CFD validation against large scale liquified helium release
Alexandros Venetsanos, Stella Giannissi, Christoph Proust (Presentation) – (Paper)

Safety in H2 Vehicle 1

ID225, Australians’ considerations for use of hydrogen in the transport sector
Victoria Lambert, Peta Ashworth (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID264, An investigation of mobile hydrogen and fuel cell technology applications
Nick Barilo, Angie Dalton, Richard Kallman, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID179, The study on permissible value of hydrogen gas concentration in purge gas of Fuel Cell Vehicles
Koji Yamazaki, Yohsuke Tamura (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID230, 3D real time monitoring of H2 in FCV applications
Takashi Nohmi, Kenji Satoh, Toshio Mogi, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID125, Unattended hydrogen vehicle fueling challenges and historical context
Jennifer Hamilton, Aaron Harris, Jay Keller (Presentation) – (Paper)


Deflagrations & Detonation 2

ID186, Vented hydrogen-air explosion in a small obstructed rectangular container: effect of the blockage ratio
Xing Wang, Changjian Wang, Qiao Wang (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID149, Numerical study of the detonation benchmark using GASFLOW-MPI
Han Zhang, Jianjun Xiao, Mike Kuznetsov, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID171, Numerical investigation of detonation in stratified combustible and inert gasses with concentration gradients
Shunsuke Shigeoka, Akiko Matsuo (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID189, Self-acceleration of a spherically expanding hydrogen-air flame at elevated pressure
Wookyung Kim, Yoshitatsu Sato, Tomoyuki Johzaki, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID190, Detonation dynamics in a curved chamber for an argon diluted hydrogen-oxygen mixture
Cyprien Jourdain, Josue Melguizo-Gavilanes, Vicent Rodriguez, Pierre Vidal, Ratiba Zitoun (Presentation) – (Paper)

Deflagrations & Detonation 3

ID279, Quantifying the potential consequences of a detonation in a hydrogen jet release,
C. Regis Bauwens, Sergey Dorofeev (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID145, Experimental study on hydrogen/air premixed flame propagation in closed rectangular channels,
Xiaobo Sheng, Chao Zhang, Jennifer X Wen, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID147, Numerical investigation of hydrogen-air deflagrations in a repeated pipe congestion,
Vendra C. Madhav Rao, Pratap Sathiah, Jennifer X Wen (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID111, Hydrogen deflagrations in stratified flat layers in the large-scale vented combustion test facility
Zhe (Rita) Liang, Lee Gardner, Tony Clouthier, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID123, Mesh-Independent Large-Eddy simulation with anisotropic adaptive mesh refinement for hydrogen deflagration prediction in closed vessels
Ryan Taylor, Clinton P.T. Groth, Rita Liang, (Presentation) – (Paper)

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Skyway A

Physical Effects 2

ID134, Highly resolved Large Eddy Simulation of subsonic hydrogen jets – Evaluation of ADREA-HF code against detailed experiments
Ilias C. Tolias, Nektarios Koutsourakis, Alexandros G. Venetsanos (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID127, Flow of hydrogen from buried leaks
Graham Atkinson, Phillip Hooker, Jonathan Hall, Stuart Hawksworth (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID182, Non-adiabatic under-expanded jet theory for blowdown and fire resistance rating of hydrogen tank
Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Sergii Kashkarov, Dmitriy Makarov, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID220, Modelling and numerical simulation of hydrogen jet fires for industrial safety analyses – Comparison with large-scale experiments
Kjell Erik Rian (Presentation) – (Paper)

Communication 2

ID243, Delivering a safe, viable hydrogen economy in Australia
Rachelle Doyle (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID226, Communicating leakage risk in the hydrogen economy: lessons already learned from geoenergy industries
Patrick G. Hartley, Linda Stalker, Jennifer Roberts, Leslie Mabon, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID238, Safe Hydrogen Fuel Handling and Use for Efficient Implementation – SH2IFT
Anders 0degard, Kees van Wingerden, Nina Kristine Reitan, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID242, Early community engagement with hydrogen in Australia
Sussan Johnson (Presentation) – (Paper)

Risk Analysis & Safety Management

ID118, Safety code equivalencies in hydrogen infrastructure deployment
William Buttner, Crystal Xie, Carl Rivkin (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID152, Characterization of hydrogen transport accidents in Japan based on network theory
Hiroki Noguchi, Chi Yung Lam, Masaaki Fuse (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID157, The influence of H2 safety research on relevant risk assessment,
Federico Ustolin, Guozheng Song, Nicola Paltrinieri, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID188, Towards fire test protocol for hydrogen storage tanks
Sergii Kashkarov, Dmitriy Makarov, Vladimir Molkov (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID300, ENGIE’s approach to HSE design on large scale renewable hydrogen projects for the industry
Alberto Litta Modignani (Presentation) – (Paper)

Closing Session
Stuart Hawksworth, Nick Smith and Marco Carcassi (Presentation)



ID122, Performance tests of catalysts for the safe conversion of hydrogen inside the nuclear waste containers in Fukushima Daiichi
Ernie Reinecke, Keisuke Takenaka, Hitomi Ono, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID124, A Large-Scale study on the effect of ambient conditions on hydrogen recombiner induced ignition
Lee Gardner, Zhe (Rita) Liang, Tony Clouthier, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID143, Deflagration-to-detonation transition of H2-CO-Air mixtures in a partially obstructed channel
Daniel Heilbronn, Christoph Barfuss, Thomas Sattelmayer (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID142, Simulation of deflagration-to-detonation transition of lean H2-CO-Air mixtures in obstructed channels
Christoph Barfuss, Daniel Heilbronn, Thomas Sattelmayer (Presentation) – (Paper)

Gas Blends

ID139, Safety and Regulatory challenges of using hydrogen / natural gas blends in the UK
Kate Jeffrey, Catherine Spriggs, Stewart McEwen, Philip Hooker, Chris Manson-Whitton (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID140, Operation of UK gas appliances with hydrogen blended natural gas
Mark Pursell, Philip Hooker, Stuart Hawksworth, Paul McLaughlin, Shane Wilcox, Ian McCluskey (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID209, Assessing the viability of the ACT natural gas distribution network for reuse as a hydrogen distribution network
Ed Gaykema, Igor Skryabin (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID128, Gas detection of hydrogen/natural gas blends in the gas industry
Jonathan Hall, Philip Hooker, Kate Jeffrey (Presentation) – (Paper)

Safety Pressure Vessels

ID131, Effect of the time dependent loading of Type IV cylinders using a multi-scalemodel
Martinus Putra Widjaja, Marco Alves, Mark Mavrogordato, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID159, Influence of hydraulic sequential tests on the burst strength of Type-4 compressed hydrogen containers
Jun-ichi Tomioka, Shunsuke Masuda, Hiroaki Tamura, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID158, A study of decrease burst strength on compressed-hydrogen containers by drop test
Shunsuke Masuda, Jun-ichi Tomioka, Hiroaki Tamura, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID181, Acoustic emission characteristics of used 70 MPa Type IV hydrogen storage tanks during hydrostatic burst tests
Dongliang Wang, Binbin Liao, Ange Wen, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID200, Safety system design for mitigating risks of intended hydrogen releases from thermally activated pressure relief device of onboard storage
Zhiyong Li, Ke Sun (Presentation) – (Paper)



ID261, Practical demonstration of energy storage and sector shifting using renewable energy
Bill Ireland (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID130, Tests of the vehicle’s powertrain with hydrogen fuel cells at a low temperature
Marek Brzezanski, Andrzej Szalek (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID221, Transfering the retail of hydrogen economy and missing safety assurance,
Marcus Steel (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID153, A GIS-based risk assessment for hydrogen transport: a case study in Yokohama city
Hiroki Noguchi, Tatsuro Omachi, Hajime Seya, (Presentation) – (Paper)


ID211, Interaction of hydrogen jets with hot surfaces of various sizes and temperatures
Armin Kessler, Sebastian Knapp, Norbert Eisenreich, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID214, Autoignition of hydrogen/ammonia blends at elevated pressures and temperatures
Michael Evans, Alfonso Chinnici, Paul Medwell, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID170, Self-ignition and flame propagation of pressurized hydrogen released through tubes
Yiming Jiang, Xuhai Pan (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID247, Hot surface ignition in flowing streams of hydrogen-air mixtures
Christophe Proust, Habib Kone (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID219, Blending ammonia into hydrogen to enhance safety through reduced burning velocity
Xinlu Han, Yong He, Yingzu Liu, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID126, The CALIF3S-P2REMICS software: an application to underexpanded hydrogen jet deflagration
Laura Gastaldo (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID183, Optimizing mixture properties for accurate laminar flame speed measurement from spherically expanding flame: application to H2/O2/N2/He mixtures
Yakun Zhang, Marine Jeanson, Remy Mevel, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID229, Experiments on the combustion behavior of Hydrogen-Carbon Monoxide-Air mixtures
Andreas Friedrich, Gottfried Necker, Anke Veser, (Presentation) – (Paper)

ID223, Effect of expansion ratio on flame acceleration during hydrogen fueled gas explosions
Jun Yaguchi, Wookyung Kim, Toshio Mogi, (Presentation) – (Paper)