Conference papers and presentations

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Welcome Remarks – Stuart Hawksworth (President IAHySafe)
International Hydrogen Picture

Mr Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport, Scottish Government – Conference Opening
Paul Bogers – Shell Hydrogen Vice President
Bart Biebuyck – The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)
Eiji Ohira – New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan
Sunita Satyapal – Department of Energy (DOE), USA
Nick Smith – Panel Session with the above speakers

Behaviour of Liquid Hydrogen (LH₂)

ID12, Numerical simulations of atmospheric dispersion of large-scale liquid hydrogen releases
Baopeng Xu, Simon Jallais, Deborah Houssin, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID44, Development of Liquid Hydrogen Leak Frequencies Using a Bayesian Update Process
Dusty Brooks, Brian Ehrhart, Chris LaFleur (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID178, Cryogenic and Ambient Gaseous Hydrogen Blowdown with Discharge Line Effects
Alexandros Venetsanos, Stella Giannissi, Ilias Tolias, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID112, Cold hydrogen blowdown release: an inter-comparison study
Stella G. Giannissi, Alexandros G. Venetsanos, Donatella Cirrone, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID74, CFD simulations of large scale LH2 dispersion in open environment
Stella G. Giannissi, Alexandros G. Venetsanos, Elena Vyazmina, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Safety Issues of Hydrogen Batch Transport & Distribution

ID13, Effect of state of charge on Type IV hydrogen storage tank rupture in a fire
Sergii Kashkarov, Dmitriy Makarov, Vladimir Molkov (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID135, Hydrogen Storage: Recent Improvements and Industrial Perspectives
Hervé Barthélémy, Marie Vidovic, Mathilde Weber, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID97, Effect of pressure losses on flame length after full bore hydrogen pipeline rupture
Dmitriy Makarov, Vladimir Molkov (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID95, Application of Pipeline QRA Methodologies to Hydrogen Pipelines
Adnan Aslam, Nigel Curson (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID176, The NREL Sensor Laboratory: Status and Future Directions for Hydrogen Detection
Matthew Post, William Buttner, Kevin Hartmann, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Energy Storage Systems

ID5, Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers – a technology to overcome common risks of hydrogen storage
Berthold Melcher, Michael George, Caspar Paetz (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID6, Monte-carlo-analysis of minimum burst requirements for composite cylinders for hydrogen service
Georg W. Mair, Stephan Günzel, Stephan Gesell, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID130, Preliminary risk assessment (PRA) for tests planned in a pilot salt cavern hydrogen storage in the frame of the French project STOPIL-H₂
Sylvaine Pique, Alain Thoraval, Franz Lahaie, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID85, Material-based hydrogen storage projection
İrem Ozsevgin, Fikret Müge Alptekin, Melih Soner Celiktas (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID189, The challenges of Hydrogen Storage on a large scale
Olivier Rambert, Linda Febvre (Paper) – (Presentation)

Behaviour of Cryogenic Hydrogen

ID115, Results of the Pre-Normative Research Project PRESLHY for the Safe Use of Liquid Hydrogen
Thomas Jordan, Laurence Bernard, Donatella Cirrone, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID45, Effect of wind on cryogenic hydrogen dispersion from vent stacks
Ethan Hecht, Nick Killingsworth (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID111, CFD model based ANN prediction of flammable vapor cloud formed by liquid hydrogen spill
Pan He, Xuefang Li, Pierre Bénard, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID32, Some fundamental combustion properties of “cryogenic” premixed hydrogen air flames
Christophe Proust, Didier Jamois (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID7, Flame characteristics of ignited pressurized cryogenic hydrogen jets
Zhaoxin Ren, Jennifer X Wen (Paper) – (Presentation)

Power to Hydrogen & Hydrogen to Power Related Safety Issues

ID104, Effect of Hydrogen Concentration on Laminar Burning Velocities of Methane – Carbon Dioxide – Air Mixtures
Akihiro Ueda, Keiya Nisida, Yukihiko Matsumura, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID3, Investigation of Hydrogen Leaks from Double Ferrule Fittings
Tianze Wang, Fuyuan Yang, Xintao Deng, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID20, Hydrogen generation on Orkney: integrating established risk management best practice to emerging clean energy developments
Matt Beeson, Chris Ward (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID62, Numerical Study of Hydrogen Addition Effects on Aluminum Particle Combustion
Minhyeok Lee, Rinrin Saeki, Yuji Suzuki, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID185, Exploring the Australian public’s response to hydrogen
Vicki Martin, Peta Ashworth (Paper) – (Presentation)

Communicating Safety & Education

ID184, A chicken and egg situation: Enhancing emergency service workers knowledge of hydrogen
Peta Ashworth, Belinda Wade, Kathy Witt, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID194, Why Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection?
Claudio Fecarotta, Andrzej Janowski (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID96, Examining the Role of Safety in Communication Concerning Emerging Hydrogen Technologies by Selected Groups of Stakeholders
Efthymia Derempouka, Trygve Skjold, Håvard Haarstad, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Welcome Remarks – Stuart Hawksworth (President IAHySafe) & Stuart McKay (Head of Hydrogen Policy, Scottish Government)
Standardisation and Global Efforts

Andrei Tchouvelev – Standardisation and Global Efforts
Andrei Tchouvelev (Chair), Tetsufummi Ikeda (Chair Elect) – International Standards Organisation (ISO) Technical Committee 197
Keith Howell – UK Government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Bernard Gindroz – European Committee for Standardisation
Pietro Moretto – International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy, Regulations Codes, Standards and Safety Working Group
Andrei Tchouvelev – Panel Session with the above speakers

Behaviour of Hydrogen Mixtures

ID134, Flame Ball to Deflagration Transition in hydrogen-air mixtures
Valerii Denisenko, Igor Kirillov (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID160, Three-dimensional structures of N₂-diluted stochiometric H₂-O₂ flames in narrow channels
Yves Ballossier, Fernando Veiga López, Florent Virot, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID155, The role of Ar and He bath gas on the detonation structure of H₂/O₂ mixture
Farzane Zangene, Zekai Hong, Matei Radulescu (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID22, Experimental study of the explosion severity of vented methane/hydrogen deflagrations
David Torrado, James Fletcher, Ed Sanderson, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID78, Moving Gas Turbine package from conventional gas to hydrogen blend
Stefano Minotti, Giacomo Pampaloni, Marco Baldini, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Regulations, Codes and Standards (RCS)

ID121, On Board 70 MPa Hydrogen Composite Pressure Vessel Safety Factor
Stephane Villalonga, Joel Toulc’Hoat, Thierry Laguionie, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID56, Measurements and Modeling on Hydrogen Jet an Combustion from a Pressurized Vessel
Qingxin Ba, Jianjun Xiao, Thomas Jordan, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID38, Hydrogen blowdown release experiments at different temperatures in the DISCHA-facility
Anke Veser, Andreas Friedrich, Mike Kuznetsov, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID47, Analysis to support revised distances between bulk liquid hydrogen systems and exposures
Ethan Hecht, Brian Ehrhart (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID17, Approaches and methods to demonstrate repurposing of the UK’s Local Transmission System (LTS) pipelines for transportation of hydrogen
Adam Bannister, Zoe Chaplin, Simon Gant, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Hydrogen Effects on Materials and Components

ID114, The influence of grain boundary and hydrogen on the indentation of bicrystal nickel
Kaiyu Zhang, Yuanyuan Zheng, Chengshuang Zhou, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID133, Crack Management of Hydrogen Pipelines
Daniel Sandana, Neil Gallon, Robert Andrews, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID139, Evaluating the opportunity to repurpose gas transmission assets for hydrogen transportation
Antony Green, Lloyd Mitchell, Ashley Adams (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID51, Fracture Properties of Welded 304L in Hydrogen Environments
Joseph Ronevich, Michael Maguire, Dorian Balch, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID156, H-Mat Hydrogen Compatibility of NBR and HNBR Elastomers
Kevin Simmons, Wenbin Kuang, Alice Dohanlkova, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Hydrogen for Heat

Topical Presentation: Hydrogen for Heat Project – Safety Assessment
Mark Crowther, Technical Director, Kiwa Gastech

ID195, Mitigation of CO poisoning hazard in malfunctioning gas appliances through use of hydrogen blended gas
Mark Pursell, Doug Wagstaff, Paul McLaughlin, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID2, Numerical modeling of a moderate hydrogen leakage in a typical two-vented fuel cell configuration
Elie Saikali, Pierre Ledac, Adrien Bruneton, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID81, Hydrogen Sensing Properties of UV Enhanced Pd-SnO₂ Nano-spherical Composites at Low Temperature
Peiyu Duan, Zhaoyu Wang, Huahua Xiao, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Behaviour of Gaseous Hydrogen (GH₂)

ID113, Modelling of Ventilated Hydrogen Dispersion in Presence of Co-Flow and Counter-Flow
Stella G. Giannissi, Ilias C. Tolias, Hazhir Ebne Abbasi, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID128, Critical Morphological Phenomena during Ultra-Lean Hydrogen-Air Combustion in Closed Horizontal HeleShaw Cell
Valerii Denisenko, Sergey Kingsep, Igor Kirillov, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID154, A model for hydrogen detonation diffraction or transmission to a nonconfined layer
Matei Radulescu, Remy Mevel, Qiang Xiao, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID14, Experimental Study and Model Predictions on Helium Release in an Enclosure with Single or Multiple Vents
Zhe Liang, Kyle Barlow, Robert David (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID177, Worst Case Scenario for Delayed Explosion of Hydrogen Jets at a High Pressure: Ignition Position
Elena Vyazmina, Jerome Daubech, Jerome Hebrard, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Regulations, Codes and Standards (RCS)

ID126, Towards Unified Protocol for PAR Performance Rating and Safety Margins Assessment: PAR Life – cycle Systemic Model
Igor Kirillov, Natalia Kharitonova, Eugenii Bezgodov, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID150, Establishing the state of the art for the definition of safety distances for hydrogen refuelling stations
Prankul Middha, Ed Macfarlane, Steve Howell, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID171, French Guide to Conformity Assessment and Certification of Hydrogen Systems
Bruno Debray, Benno Weinberger (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID36, Gas Turbine Enclosures: Determining Ventilation Safety Criteria using Hydrogen Explosion Modelling
Tristan Vye, Daniel Miles (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID125, Influence of non-equilibrium conditions on liquid hydrogen storage tank behavior
Derek Machalek, Gabriela Bran Anleu, Ethan Hecht (Paper) – (Presentation)

Tools for Modelling Hydrogen Infrastructure

ID82, Analysis of a Large Hydrogen Balloon Explosion
Bob Zalosh (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID52, Numerical simulation of leaking hydrogen dispersion behavior
Liang Zhang, Nan Wang, Xuelun Chang, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID68, Quantitative risk assessment of the model representing latest Japanese hydrogen refueling stations
Tomoya Suzuki, Kaname Kawatsu, Kento Shiota, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID84, Effect of flow speed on ignition characteristics of hydrogen/air mixtures
Koji Yamazaki, Wookyung Kim, Yohsuke Tamura (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID193, Fire spread scenarios involving hydrogen vehicles
Wenqian Liu, Frank Markert, Luisa Giuliani, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Safety in Hydrogen Infrastructure

ID50, Shock tube experiments on flame propagation regimes and critical conditions for flame acceleration and detonation transition for hydrogen-air mixtures at cryogenic temperatures
Mike Kuznetsov, Andrey Denkevits, Andreas Friedrich, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID58, Numerical Simulation on Hydrogen Leakage and Dispersion Behavior in Hydrogen Energy Infrastructures
Shen Chen, Fuming Yang, Huajian Chang, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID75, Effect of heat transfer through the release pipe on simulations of cryogenic hydrogen jet fires and hazard distances
Donatella Cirrone, Dmitriy Makarov, Mike Kuznetsov, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID147, AMHYCO project – towards advanced accident guidelines for hydrogen safety in nuclear power plants
Gonzalo Jiménez, Luis Enrique Herranz, Ahmed Bentaib, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID87, Explosive phase transition in LH₂
Knut Vaagsaether, Per Morten Hansen, Dag Bjerketvedt (Paper) – (Presentation)

Behaviour of Gaseous Hydrogen (GH₂)

ID41, Hydrogen jet structur in presence of forced CO-, counter-and cross-flow ventilation
Joachim Grune, Karsten Sempert, Mike Kuznetsov, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID55, Velocity Measurements of Hydrogen Jets using the Optical Flow Method
Teng Huang, Xu Zhang, Qingxin Ba, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID93, Flame acceleration and deflagration-to-detonation transition in a channel with triangular obstacles
Huahua Xiao, Xiaoxi Li, Jinhua Sun (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID153, Hydrogen Wide Area Monitoring of LH₂ Releases at HSE for the PRESHLY Project
William Buttner, Tashi Wischmeyer, Jonathan Hall, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID40, Investigation into the crosssensitivity of domestic carbon monoxide alarms to hydrogen
Adam Robinson, Daniel Allason (Paper) – (Presentation)

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Welcome Remarks – Stuart Hawksworth (President IAHySafe) & Stuart McKay (Head of Hydrogen Policy, Scottish Government)
The Safety Challenges Associated with Scaling up the Hydrogen Industry

Carlyn Greenhalgh – Industry (Scale Up) – Shell Hydrogen
Linda Febvre, HSE Manager – Engie
Xavier Vigor, Vice President Technolgies H2 Energy – Air Liquide
Motohiko Nishimura, Dr. Eng. Executive Officer, Deputy General Manager, Hydrogen Strategy Division – Kawasaki
Alexandru Floristean, Manager – Intelligence – Hydrogen Europe
Carlyn Greenhalgh – Panel Session with the above speakers

Physical Effects, Consequence Analysis

ID159, Temperature Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Materials Used for Type IV Hydrogen Storage Tanks
Yifan Li, Jinyang Zheng, Qinan Li (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID60, Numerical evaluation of terrain landscape influence on hydrogen explosion consequences
Yurii Skob, Ugryumov Mykhaylo, Eduard Granovskiy (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID162, An Experimental Study of Propagating Spherical Flames in Unconfined Hydrogen-Oxygen Explosions
Akihiro Shiotani, Wookyung Kim, Toshio Mogi, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID28, Condensed Phase Explosions involving Hydogen
Graham Atkinson (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID79, Experimental study on the self ignition of pressurized hydrogen release into three-way tubes
La Ta, Yiming Jiang, Zhilei Wang (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID107, Numerical Simulation of Hydrogen Deflagraton using CFD
Pratap Sathiah, Arun K Ampi (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID18, Towards Efficient and TimeAccurate Simulations of Early Stages of Industrial Scale Explosions
Dario Zivkovic, Thomas Sattelmayer (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID180, Study of attenuation effect of water droplets on shockwaves from hydrogen explosion
Alexei Kotchourko, Jonas Mohacsi, Alexander Lelyakin, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID66, Laminar burning velocity, Markstein length and cellular instability of spherically propagating NH₃/H₂/air premixed flames at various pressures
Huizhen Li, Huahua Xiao, Jinhua Sun (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID174, Discharge modeling of large scale LH₂ experiments with an engineering tool
Alexandros Venetsanos, Federico Ustolin, Ilias Tolias, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Safety in Emerging Mobility Markets – Infrastructure, Refuelling and Operation

Topical Presentation: PRHYDE Project
ID152, Safety and other considerations in the development of a hydrogen fueling protocol for Heavy-Duty Road Vehicles
Claus Due Sinding, Steven Mathison, Spencer Quong, (Paper) – (Presentation)
ID167, Protocol for Heavy Duty hydrogen refueling: a modeling benchmark
Arnaud Charolais, Fouad Ammouri, Elena Vyazmina, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID110, Heat transfer models for refueling safety of hydrogen vehicle
Jinsheng Xiao, Wenchao Cai, Xin Zhou, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID118, CFD simulations of the refuelling of long horizontal H₂ tanks
Pierre Carrere, Guillaume Lodier, Elena Vyazmina, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID175, Minimum fire size for hydrogen storage tank fire test protocol for hydrogen-powered electric city bus determined via risk-based approach
Esther Kim, Wonkook Kim, K.S. Kim, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID42, Full-scale tunnel experiments for fuel cell hydrogen vehicles: jet fire and explosions
Didier Bouix, Etienne Studer, François Sauzzede, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID43, Full-scale tunnel experiments for fuel cell hydrogen vehicles: gas dispersion
Didier Bouix, Etienne Studer, Francois Sauzzede, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID151, Safety Compliance Verification of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Exhaust
David Pearman, Aaron LoiselleLapointe, William Buttner, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID166, Development of dispensing hardware for safe fueling of heavy duty vehicles
Spencer Quong, Shaun Onorato, Michael Pomerantz, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID98, Overview of first outcomes of PNR project HyTunnel-CS
Dmitriy Makarov, Donatella Cirrone, Volodymyr Shentsov, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Risk / Safety Management

ID59, CFD Simulation of Pressure Reduction Inside Large-Scale Liquefied Hydrogen Tank
Kazuma Tani, Takehiro Himeno, Toshinori Watanabe, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID109, Statistics, lessons learnt and recommendations from analysis of HIAD 2.0 database
Jennifer Wen, Marta Marono, Pietro Moretto, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID123, Hydrogen safety strategies and risk management in Equinor
Unni Nord Samdal, Espen Steinseth Hamborg, David Grainger, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID131, Effect of Renewable Energy Unstable Source to HYdrogen Production: Safety Consideration
Daniele Melideo, Angelica Liponi, Davide Rastelli, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID91, Chemical inhibition of premixed hydrogen-air-flames: experimental investigation a using 20-litre vessel
Matthijs van Wingerden, Trygve Skjold, Dirk Roosendans, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID146, A Brief History of Process Safety Management
Bob Hudson, Martha Boss, Graeme Cook (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID157, Hydrogen Component Leak Rate Quantification for System Risk and Reliability Assessment through QRA and PHM Frameworks
Kevin Hartmann, Camila Correa-Jullian, Jacob Thorson, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID37, Experimental investigation on the burning behavior of homogeneous H₂-CO-air mixtures in an obstructed, semiconfined channel
Andreas Friedrich, Gottfried Necker, Joachim Grune, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID21, A Catalyst Fusible Link for Hydrogen Detection and Activation of Passive Ventilation Systems
Zhe Liang, Joshua Murphy, Tony Clouthier, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID129, Risk Assessment of a Gaseous Hydrogen Fuelling Station
Nicolas Tillier, Florian Salique, Lauris Joubert, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Friday, September 24, 2021

Welcome Remarks – Stuart McKay (Head of Hydrogen Policy, Scottish Government) Industry (Scale Up) & Nigel Holmes (Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association)
Daryl Wilson – Hydrogen Council
United States Hydrogen Safety Panel (USHSP) & European Hydrogen Safety Panel (EHSP) – Question and Answer Session chaired by Nigel Holmes

Hydrogen Safety Aspects in Other Applications / Industries / Technologies

ID25, Experimental Parameters of Ignited Congestion Experiments of Liquid Hydrogen in the PRESLHY Project
Kieran Lyons, Graham Atkinson, Simon Coldrick, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID31, Fuel Cell Solution for Marine Applications
David Yorke (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID53, A Comparative Study of CFD modelling for Lean Premixed Hydrogen Deflagrations in Large-Scale Vented Vessels
Lucian Ivan, Zhe Liang, Mohamed Khalil, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID127, Combustion Regimes of HydrogenAir-Steam Mixtures
Gustav Nyrenstedt, Romain Grosseuvres, Andrea Comandini, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID137, Spherically Expanding Flame Simulations in Cantera using a Lagrangian Formulation
Brian Maxwell, Remy Mével, Josué Melguizo-Gavilanes (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID138, Uncertainty of Acceleration of a Premixed Laminar Unstable Hydrogen Flame
Artem Elyanov, Andrei Gavrikov, Victor Golub, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID76, Numerical Investigation of Thermal Hazards from Underexpanded Hydrogen Jet Fires Using a New Scheme for the Angular Discretization of the Radiative Intensity
Georgios Momferatos, Alexandros Venetsanos, Paola Russo (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID161, Simulation of turbulent combustion in a small-scale obstructed chamber using flamefoam
Justina Jaseliūnaitė, Mantas Povilaitis (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID164, RANS simulation of hydrogen flame propagation in an acceleration tube: examination of k-ω SST model parameters
Mantas Povilaitis, Justina Jaseliūnaitė (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID172, Three-Dimensional Simulations of Lean H₂ -Air Flames Propagating in a Narrow Gap: Validity of the Quasi-Two-Dimensional Approximation
Josué Melguizo-Gavilanes, Daniel Fernández Galisteo, Anne Dejoan, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID179, Hydrogen stratification in enclosures in dependence of the gas release momentum
Dorota Brzezińska (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID23, Stand-off detection and mapping of hydrogen concentration
David Armstrong, Matthew Warden, David Stothard (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID24, Characterisation, dispersion and electrostatic hazards of liquid hydrogen for the PRESLHY project
Jonathan Hall, Philip Hooker, Kieran Lyons, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Safety in Hydrogen Infrastructure

ID63, A CFD Analysis of Liquid Hydrogen Vessel Explosions Using the ADREA-HF Code
Federico Ustolin, Ilias Tolias, Stella Giannissi, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID61, Numerical Analysis on the Mechanism of Blast Mitigation by Water Droplets
Kakeru Shibue, Yuta Sugiyama, Akiko Matsuo (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID48, Hydrogen compatibility of structural materials in natural gas networks
Chris San Marchi, Rakish Shrestha, Joe Ronevich (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID214, Experimental study on flame characteristics of cryogenic hydrogen jet fire
Xing Yu, Yue Wu, Yanqiu Zhao, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID142, Numerical simulations of suppression effect of water mist on hydrogen deflagration in confined spaces
Zhanjie Xu, Zhi Zhang, Alexei Kotchourko, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID143, Numerical study on shock wave attenuation by water mist in confined spaces
Zhanjie Xu, Jonas Mohacsi, Alexei Kotchourko, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID190, Simulation of hydrogen mixing and PAR operation during accidental release in an LH₂ carrier machine room
Stephan Kelm, Johannes Baggemann, Ernst-Arndt Reinecke, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID46, An investigation into the change in leakage when switching from natural gas to hydrogen in the UK gas distribution network
Andrew Garrison, Simon Gant (Paper) – (Presentation)

Topical Presentation: Fife H100 Neighbourhood Project
Angus McIntosh, SGN

ID117, Evidence base utilised to justify a hydrogen blend gas network safety case
Tommy Isaac, Sikander Mahmood, Adam Madgett (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID144, Investigation on cooling effect of water sprays on tunnel fires of hydrogen
Zhanjie Xu, Fan Jiang, Thomas Jordan (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID103, Development of Risk Mitigation Guidance for Sensor Placement Indoors and Outdoors
Andrei V. Tchouvelev, William Buttner, Benjamin Angers (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID64, Effect of mechanical ventilation on accidental hydrogen releases – large scale experiments
Agnieszka Lach, Andre Gaathaug (Paper) – (Presentation)

Risk / Safety Management

ID71, Siting and co-location with hydrogen: What are the risks?
Nurul Huda, Matt Beeson (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID90, Baselining the Body of Knowledge for Hydrogen Shock Interactions and Debris Escalation
Edward Macfarlane, Martha Bates, Ian Barnes, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID106, Numerical Prediction of Lean Premixed Hydrogen Deflagrations in Vented Vessels
Mohamed Khalil, Allan Cheung, Clinton Groth, (Paper) – (Presentation)

Hydrogen Vehicles (Material Handling, Cars and Buses) and Related Fuelling Infrastructure

Topical Presentation: The Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub
Aberdeen City Council

ID191, Proposed Approch to Calculate Safety Distances for Hydrogen Fuelling Station in Italy
Martino Schiavetti, Marco Carcassi (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID27, Quantitative Risk Analysis of Scaled-up Hydrogen Facilities
Asmund Huser, Marta Bucelli, Ksenia Zakariyya, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID158, Residual Tensile Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Riesin Composites at Elevated Temperatures
Gai Huang, Qunjie Lu, Qinan Li, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID54, Modeling of Unintended Hydrogen Releases from a Fuel Cell Tram
Bin Liu, Chunxing Pei, Teng Huang, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID94, Tactical Depressurization of Hydrogen and CNG Tanks using Rifles and other Projectiles
Marcus Runefors, Erik Egardt (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID88, Effect of TPRD diameter and direction of release on hydrogen dispersion in underground parking
Volodymyr Shentsov, Dmitriy Makarov, Vladimir Molkov (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID105, Numerical study of the effects of tunnel inclination and ventilation on the dispersion of hydrogen released from a car
Nektarios Koutsourakis, Ilias Tolias, Stella Giannissi, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID102, Risk assessment and mitigation evaluation for hydrogen vehicles in private garages. Experiments and modelling
Deborah Houssin-Agbomson, Elena Vyazmina, Baptiste Ravinel, (Paper) – (Presentation)

ID15, Adapting Maintenance Facilities for Hydrogen
David Yorke (Paper) – (Presentation)

Closing Remarks
Marco Carcassi & Stuart Hawksworth